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Cut Out objects from its background by Recomposit. Providing chromakey and inside/outside edge
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1 July 2014

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Speedily advancing technology is always opening up newer avenues for us to experiment and innovate ideas and put them into practice with the help of such utilities. Creative devices and programs are increasingly being used by not only professionals for official work; but also by laymen for experimenting and implementing new ideas and playing with these techniques. Playing with colors and graphics are the most preferred form of usage of technology like computers and related programs that are accessible with the help of internet. Merging images, changing original colors, manipulating them with other images or simply inserting any effect that enhances the quality of the picture. Further, to perform greater amount of editing and manipulations onto imagery; Recomposit 1.6 has been launched that makes photo masking and compositing extremely easy.

Recomposit 1.6 opens with a neatly arranged interface and the chief options placed at the top with left pane also displaying some of the editing controls. The right panel of the screen shows the tips and assistance provided to the user and the center part of the screen shows the image that is being edited. This unique photo masking and compositing tool easily isolates the selective image from its background and merges it with others. The advanced masking methods like the Bluescreen which is also termed as the Chroma key technology and the inside/outside edge keeps all details, edge or shadow along with transparency post the recomposition is done. Furthermore, it also provides full environment to enhance the compositing work without needing any support or assistance from any other software.

As per the aforementioned character traits and features, Recomposit 1.6 certainly is a tool to reckon with in the industry of creative photography and artistry as it helps in easily modifying images and hence gets a rating of four points for its superlative working.

Publisher's description

Cut Out objects from its background by Recomposit. Providing chromakey and inside/outside edge matting, Recomposit can help solve the photo masking problem quick and easy. Chromakey works for blue and green screen, and in/outside masking also known as trimap mating. Recomposit support fast stroke based masking too in which you can cut out a objects by simple strokes over the drop and keep area.
Recomposit provide full photo compose environment supporting layers, areas and full set of tools. The pro version add advanced editing functions. And it can works in Photoshop as plugins.
Version 5.3
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